Virgin America rocks

I’m writing this post while on a flight from SF to DC. Besides for the flight costing only $129, the planes are clean and comfortable. They also have a very snazzy in-flight entertainment system (with lots of Stevie Wonder and Beck tunes) and a cool design.

But the best feature of Virgin America (and possibly the simplest) is power outlets in coach. And not the weird plane power outlets that you need a special plug for … Virgin has real outlets for real plugs. and in coach.

I’ll probably fly Virgin in the future purely for the power outlets – this feature alone has won my heart. Instead of doing everything I can think of to conserve power (dimming the screen, not running any multimedia apps, etc) on the laptop for fear of the battery running out, I now can blast all my applications. And I can conserve my battery (I usually like to keep 25% of the battery so I can send emails queued on the plane through my EVDO card when I am in the cab).

Thanks Virgin!!!

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