video killed the search star

Tod Sacerdoti reveals that video impressions will pass search in three months. Video on the web is one of those things that everyone knew was coming one day but nobody knew when. then, about two years ago, it came.

portable identity and social graphs (what Rapleaf is working on) is the same thing. it will be here … eventually (probably in 2008).

as an early-stage investor, it is easy to invest in obvious trends rather than focus on the non-obvious ones. when deciding whether to invest, one can make a simple calculation:
– will this market (like video) be big?
– and are the founders an A+ team?

I’m a shareholder in three video-related sites (though none are competitive): BrightRoll (Tod’s company)., and MesmoTV
… the common denominator is (a) they are all video; and (b) they all have great founders.

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  1. Dina

    Thanks for this great post, Auren. It is amazing to think about video impressions outnumbering search just two years into this… [And by the way, we owe a lot of our early success to you – you connected us to the company (Time Warner/CNN) that gave us our first big business deal, which was a real turning point for us.]


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