Alex Kosorukoff is smarter than me

Alex Kosorukoff just sent me a message on my post on spam likes the weekend … Alex writes:

I had just read your post about spam and got curious how general such a pattern might be. I wrote a 5 line short script to parse my inbox for about 4 months. The absolute numbers of spam emails seem to be distributed by days of the week quite evenly. However, the share of spam on weekends indeed increases due to the lower total number of messages. This may create impression that spam is slightly more frequent on weekends, esp for people who receive less useful messages on weekend than me.

Mon 883 682 0.772367
Tue 799 599 0.749687
Wed 2001 723 0.361319
Thu 824 645 0.782767
Fri 870 692 0.795402
Sat 735 664 0.903401
Sun 675 628 0.93037

i should have thought of that! thanks Alex.

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