TV is the next chocolate cake

There is an increasing band of people who have eschewed television in their homes. I know dozens of these brave souls. But these people don’t abhor TV … on the contrary, they are enchanted and addicted to it. TV, for them, is heroin … just a little taste might lead to an overdose.

This Television Anonymous tribe often has cut their cable wire and donated their TV to an unsuspected sap. I’m one of these unfortunate people. Put me in front of a TV and I’m absolutely mesmerized. I cannot do anything else except watch it … my self-control goes out the door.

So just like the person on a diet who would never store a big chocolate cake in her fridge, we television addicts get rid of our drug entirely.

There are times when we still get sucked in. like when YouTube first came out and videos of dogs on skateboards where still entertaining. But luckily, those days are long-gone and the number of cool videos to noise ratio on YouTube has rapidly disintegrated.

And occasionally, we get trapped in hotel rooms blaring 16 different HBO channels and end up staying up all night watching reruns of Entourage.

But those occasional lapses remind us to keep up our resolve … and as our television is burning we actually go to bed on time, read a book, and occasionally even forget the theme music to the A-Team.

3 thoughts on “TV is the next chocolate cake

  1. amid

    Chocolate-the drink of the Gods, has forever been man’s sinful indulgence. Chocolate comes in many shapes and sizes, and it’s used for many recipes, but none surpasses the chocolate Cake – first place in popularity.

  2. Christina

    I am so glad to hear another person has this problem…I also don’t have cable or even a working antenna. I have a TV with a DVD player, so I can watch a movie every once in a while, but in general I have no self control. I got rid of my TV in the end of medical school when I would find myself coming home from the hospital, and watching the last two hours of Pearl Harbor at midnight when I should be asleep…I think part of the addition is the way you can just zone out completely after a busy day. The truth is that you don’t need it, don’t miss it. You can get all your news online. There are so many better things to be doing. But put me in a hotel room with 100+ channels and I too will go crazy…


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