Marry Him — the case for people to settle in marriage

This is an interesting article written by my friend Lori Gottlieb in the Atlantic Monthly:

Marry Him! — The case for settling for Mr. Good Enough

2 thoughts on “Marry Him — the case for people to settle in marriage

  1. Christina

    There is another blog that also talks about this article:
    Overall, it just seems sad to me.
    It’s one thing to say you ended up falling in love with someone far different than you ever would have imagined; I think that’s what people are talking about when they say give someone a chance who is not your type… it’s another to say that you just plain “settled.”
    who wants to marry someone they don’t truly feel in love with?

  2. Patricia Appelquist

    I did dedicate about 18 months to trying to find Mr. Right. That was when it was popular to tell single women that “he’ll find you when you are not looking”.
    Now I am a candidate for city council and my singledom might doom my campaign because the stereotype lives that a stable trustworthy candidate is one with a home, a marriage, and children ( it isn’t the most prevelant idea but when you break down reasons why people vote it is a factor in the candidate they vote for ).
    So yeah, I know the guy I could of married but I knew he wasn’t the one to settle for and while I could easily settle I know myself better to be a honest strong person. Plus, like Auren’s nerdout on Chess, I am no where near the Suzy Homemaker type.
    If I had settled I wouldn’t be running, I wouldn’t be a great candidate to serve the community.
    so this article makes sense that some women still need validation which can be true for men as well.


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