read House of Rothschild by Niall Ferguson

Finally completed House of Rothschild – Money’s Prophets (1798 – 1848) by Niall Ferguson.   This is another of a long line of great books by Ferguson (I’ll pretty much read anything he writes — I find all his books pushing me to think in new ways).   

Like most Ferguson books, House of Rothschild is not a book that can be read quickly.  and it is big and fat … so it is hard to take with you on a trip (this is the book that makes me want to have a kindle).   But i highly recommend it as it details the raise of the Rothschilds — the most important banking house in the 1800s.

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  1. aaron

    Way to read the whole thing. I had to return it to my library with a $2.50 late fee and only got through about 80 pages. With so many books to read I don’t know if I will go back to it soon.


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