customer service reactions in an ever-changing world

I got this email from a CEO of a hot Internet company and though it was blog-worthy:



Here’s a topic I think it interesting and doesn’t seem to be well addressed in this new online environment:

Dealing with Consumer Reactions in the Ever-changing Consumer Internet World

The issue is that in consumer internet we are able to iterate so quickly, and technologies move so quickly, and features are added so quickly that entire websites get re-done frequently (linkedin recently, facebook coming soon, etc). In addition to that consumers have never had more ability to voice their (dis)approval than now through forums, groups, etc right on our own websites! How do we deal with this now? 🙂 How can we be positive and sensitive and show that we listen, but keep doing what is best for the company? How do we manage backlashes about our companies when those uprisings happen right on our own sites!?


I’ve been thinking about this and will soon be publishing some answers and tidbits from readers.

2 thoughts on “customer service reactions in an ever-changing world

  1. Patricia Appelquist

    Don’t screw up!
    I had a problem with my facebook profile page. I let the “help” person know.
    When did I get a reply?
    A) Same Day
    B) Same Day via robo-msg
    C) One Day later via robo msg
    D) the following monday from a poor schlep in Customer Service.
    Was I satisfied with the response?
    A) No
    B) Yes
    C) If I compare it to AT&T?
    D) If I am a compassionate person.
    The answers are
    The problem eventually cleared up and the poor schlep in C/S told me the bad news that Facebook is just a platform for all the software apps.
    If you don’t want feedback or complaints don’t screw up.

  2. Kerry

    I have two interesting stories to share on this subject.
    First – Facebook – I have been over the top pleased with their customer service. The company I work for changed its name and instead of shutting down our Facebook group to start another with the new name I ask the Facebook team to change the name on their end and they did within 24 hours. Everytime I email their support team I get an answer within 24 hours (sometime sooner).
    My second example to share is on my personal blog. I’ll try to make the story brief. I ordered something from J.Crew and when my package arrived I learned one of the items was back ordered until June (this was March). I was disappointed and a little angry they didn’t mention this when I ordered the item. I wrote a tongue and cheek blog post (on my personal blog) – “breaking up” with J.Crew. That evening (at 5PM) I received an email from the head of marketing saying she found the item I was missing that was back ordered and she was sending it to me. The NEXT morning (at 9:30 AM) the package arrived with the backordered item – at no cost to me.
    Now THAT is customer service at its best. Two examples of great customer service. I think the internet will only improve customer service issues. Companies should be happy to have more timely feedback and if any company views the internet and real time feedback (good or bad) as a negative then maybe they should look at why they feel that way – is it because they know their CS needs improving?


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