beach bums are carrying $1000 of hardware these days

Yuppie beach
it is hard to be a true beach bum these day and not be a target of a high-class thief.   Between your Kindle, ipod, blackberry, sunglasses, and super-duper sunscreen, we’re bringing over $1000 to the beach these days. Gone are just some flip-flops, a ratty towel, a bathing suit, and book (and for some crazy people … a metal detector).  Now we’re suped-up even at the beach.    i actually saw someone with their laptop at the beach not that long ago but i tried not to pay attention as i was admiring the no-glare off my kindle.

3 thoughts on “beach bums are carrying $1000 of hardware these days

  1. Greg

    Bringing your iPhone to the beach is a bad idea, I have the sand in my headphone jack to prove it!

  2. mike petonic

    How’s the kindle? Is it worth it? Change your life sort of device?

  3. Auren Hoffman

    @mike petonic — now have had the kindle for two months. HIGHLY recommend it for power readers. it is super expensive and has a lot of bugs and problems, but it is a life changer. especially for people who fly a lot. but you might want to wait a few months for kindle 2.0 — they will solve a bunch of bugs and the price will likely come down a bit.


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