how many people die per year worldwide? [this is morbid]

My guess is that given life expectancies and population growth, 0.8% of the population dies every year.   That means about 52 million people die every year (or 142k/day).  That means almost as many people die per year than the entire population of France.   This is not from terrorists (mostly) but from aging, heart attacks, and many preventable deaths.   When you think of it, that is a staggering number.  

(thanks Kerim Baran for helping me with my math!)

1 thought on “how many people die per year worldwide? [this is morbid]

  1. Patricia Appelquist

    Yes, people die but that number is out paced by the staggering number of births for every 142 that die there is nearly 200 born thus if you want to get really morbid the human population is literally sucking the life out just by oxygen consumption alone.
    Yeah, you can be a nerd about the numbers but one thing of comfort is that life perpetuats guarentees us death.
    and the renewal.


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