2 thoughts on “How come whenever we read a book we turn to the end to find out how many pages it is? Why do we need to track our progress so?

  1. jeremy

    that’s a great question. i do it too. Probably some sense of accomplishment, like knowing you are 5k into a 10k race. For a good book, it adds excitement knowing you are closing in on the big finish. For a bad book (well, you should probably forget it), but in the event that it is one you feel like you MUST read, how much more you have to endure…

  2. Misladyrae

    I read alot of books and I do also look to see how many pages there are left. BUT, I must say it has nothing to do with any accomplishment. I am trying to gauge how far along in the story I am, and if there is time for any new twists..


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