Ken Moskow, a friend and great patriot, passed away

A friend of mine who had more zest for life than almost anyone in the world, recently passed away.

Last month Ken Moskow passed away while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.  Ken was a very successful real estate developer and also one of the top counter-terrorism agents.   but more importantly, he was a great person, a great father, and someone who was respected by everyone around him.

I last saw Ken a few months ago when I put together a little dinner party in Boston.   Ken, predictably, was the hit of the dinner.  

I met Ken seven years ago right before Sept 11.   We met at a foreign policy conference with the theme of homeland security and protection against terrorist threats.  (this was in June 2001).   I remember noting how Ken's amazing ability to analyze different sets of facts and come up with cogent scenarios.   and I also remember admiring his amazing ability to instantly make friends with people.

Ken — you are a great man and you will be missed.

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