everyone should have a drink of choice

when the cards are down and you have the bartender’s or the waitress’s attention for a few split seconds, you need to make a decision fast — very fast. at this point, everyone should have a go-to drink that they order. ever notice how some people take a really long time to decide??? just make a decision. some people order a complex martini, others a Manhattan, some a beer, and still others a virgin Sprite. but whatever your fancy, have a drink …. and decide fast … others are waiting …

2 thoughts on “everyone should have a drink of choice

  1. anon

    Very good advice. Not only should you have a go to, have a reason why it’s your go to.

  2. hunter

    Most people have a set of 1-3 drinks that they order. This is why liquor companies provide incentives to bartenders to try and push new drinks. Because it’s so hard to get into someone’s decision set.
    On the other hand i saw one guy who had his drink choice printed out on a business card to hand to the bartender. It was a non-traditional drink and he had no chance of being able to shout it out over a noisy bar + some bartenders wouldn’t otherwise know how to make it. I couldn’t decide if this was the coolest thing ever or the worst.


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