Pubs are getting hit HARD

There are not a lot of advertisers … well-regarding sites like and TechCrunch are now running lots of remnant ads (back-fills from DoubleClick Exchange and Right Media) on their front page (really bad sign)

2 thoughts on “Pubs are getting hit HARD

  1. Ted Rheingold

    IMHO, they should have been selling their inventory directly this whole time instead of relying on networks.
    Now they have no advertiser contacts, no agency relationships and no decent inventory at their availability.

  2. Patricia

    It is simply another optional tool for people to make money…putting adsense and using adsense on your site may or may not generate a meager income but it is just that… another tool..
    I know I don’t like it but given the state of things …for example I bought bread at the $1 store…the companies are facing the same grim reality…
    Fyi Auren…money does not grow on trees.


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