kindle idea — push web articles to my device

We all get tons of links to articles forwarded to us by friends, coworkers, partners, etc. and some of these articles are really important. many are really long. Few are urgent.

If you are into time management, you probably put these links in a separate folder that you occasionally read through and you come back to later (I usually do most of my reading on Sunday).

What would be even better is a button on the web site to send the article to my Kindle. That way I can time-shift and place-shift my reading. This would especially be interesting for longer articles we get forwarded to us.

Then ideally these articles would appear in my “Articles” folder in on my Kindle. And I’m happy to pay 10-25 cents for the service.

3 thoughts on “kindle idea — push web articles to my device

  1. hrh

    Second vote for Instapaper. I send 2 – 3 articles a day to my Kindle via Instapaper. Have not yet been billed for any charges.


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