amazon’s customer service is awesome

My Kindle broke over the weekend. Not sure what happened, there were just 1,000 lines going across the screen.

So I call customer service yesterday. I got a service rep in under 30 seconds. He was great. understood my problem immediately and, without hesitation, he told me he was shipping me a new kindle and I could send back the broken one.

I got the replacement Kindle today and all is good.

Thank you Amazon!

2 thoughts on “amazon’s customer service is awesome

  1. Terance Kinsky

    My Kindle had the same issue, although the result of it being dropped on my driveway. Amazon still replaced at no cost! Your dead on, their customer service is awesome, a benchmark for superior support. Keep up the great posts, love your blog.
    Terance (work with Scott on AdRocket stuff)

  2. Torley

    I’ve had a number of superb experiences with Amazon customer service, including on Sundays and Christmas Holidays. I didn’t expect them to be working but they were fantastic.
    The only sour time I’ve had has been when Mechanical Turk borked on me — but one of the Project Managers (I believe) gave me a ring and all was right in the Amazon-verse again.
    I like sharing stories like this!


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