today’s drug users want to tune-in, not tune-out (Adderall)

In the 60s, drug use was big in the college scene to tune-out. People smoked dope and dropped acid to visit a new world and tune-out of the current one.

Even in the 80s, college students might have been on their way to yuppie-ville, but they were snorting cocaine to tune-out and party harder.

Today we’ve seen a new type of drug explode on college campuses: study aides. These drugs are taken explicitly for tuning-in, NOT tuning-out.

The most popular of these drugs is Adderall which can help a person concentrate better, focus, and sleep less. Essentially, drugs like Adderall (which are highly abused in high schools, colleges, and the workplace), are used to get people MORE involved in society, to concentrate at work, and to get better grades.

My have our standards changed.

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