making a decision on what job offer to take

If I was an engineer deciding what company to go to, I would optimize on the following five things (in no particular order):

– how smart my coworkers are

– how enjoyable my coworkers are

– the potential of the company

– the opportunity to work on really hard and interesting problems

– having the responsibility to execute on solving these problems

1 thought on “making a decision on what job offer to take

  1. Patricia

    Sometimes it has a much more painful choice of whether the Unemployment Insurance benefit will continue or will they penalize you. Seriously a lot of enginners are not taking jobs because their benefit with Unemployment will technically help them more out than waiting for a full time job.
    One other problem a few enginneers are worried about the market all together i.e. “how long will this company last?” as we witness so many other companies on the brink of bankruptcy


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