worst phrase – TMI — Too Much Information

Scott Faber, the founder of Ingenio, likes to say that the worst phrase in the English language is “TMI” (Too Much Information).

often someone is telling a story to a group and one of the group members blurts out “TMI” right when the story is getting good. And, of course, the “TMI” stops the story dead in its tracks … and that is usually the point where everyone is really interested.

The best stories are often ones that are a little over-the-top. So eliminate “TMI” from your vocabulary.

2 thoughts on “worst phrase – TMI — Too Much Information

  1. Eats Wombats

    Dead wrong.
    I have never heard TMI or too much information when a story is getting good, only when it’s getting gross. Maybe it’s a culture difference.
    If you spend time in S.E.Asia you’ll find that people are happy to tell you about a variety of intimate personal matters in details that will make your hair stand on end.
    I certainly cried STOP! “I don’t need to know”

  2. Irina I

    Interesting. What’s really interesting are the crazy things that happen to people and how they deal with them. (and crazy things tend to happen to everyone…we just usually do not hear about them)


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