Reed Hastings on corp culture

Reed Hastings, NetFlix’s CEO, is one of my most-admired managers.   He’s extremely sharp and knows how to build a great company.   His 128 slide presentation on culture is pretty phenomenal.  I would encourage all CEOs of large and small companies to review it:

2 thoughts on “Reed Hastings on corp culture

  1. Patricia

    GEE SUS ! Auren you know I love your obsession with the Middle Seat in Airplanes but, this Hastings guy is my new found love, luv, Louvre! OMG someone who gets “IT” you know where things are and how people work …why I am sure there is no cause for concern as you will always have a insured surefired contingent of admirers, I am going to follow this Reed Hastings guy for a while now…

  2. Joy Chen

    Ditto to Patricia above. Fantastic. I’ve always been a happy customer of Netflix; now I’m an admirer too. I’m going to look into this company more. If they really do walk this talk, they should act like a centrifugal force for talent.


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