an entrepreneur’s guide to finding a job (in BusinessWeek)

BusinessWeek just published my entrepreneurial guide to finding a job in today's tough economy.    I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Venkatesh

    I had earlier (the older post) read your blog post about being proactive in job search. I have been searching for a R&D position as I am completeing my PhD for the past 6 months and was having a difficult time getting interviews. I applied for a company through a popular job portal and also somehow managed to find the personal information about the CEO of the company and wrote him an e-mail with my text resume attached. Sure enough, I got a reply saying that he was coming to Bay area and would like to meet me on a weekend if I am free. It had worked. I went to meet him on a hot saturday afternoon and I was having an interview in a place where there was WWF style wrestling happening. Talk about bizarre! Eventually I did not get that job due to some reasons out of my control, but it gave me a positive impetus. I took it as a positive sign and reconnected with another company which earlier seemed interested in my candidacy but suddenly cut all communications. This time around, they were interested and offered me a great senior scientist position. So being proactive works and I could not thank you enough.


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