The best books of 2009

are three best books I read (or listened to) in 2009:


Third Place:

The Age of the
Unthinkable by Josh Ramo

is one of the few foreign policy books that takes an entrepreneurial and
data-driven approach.  It should be
required reading for everyone in the foreign policy establishment.   It is
Clash of Civilizations meets Freakonomics meets Rules for Radicals.  



The Good Book by David Plotz

is a great book about a guy who reads the entire Old Testament and writes what
happened chapter by chapter.   This is
especially good for people that don’t read the Bible regularly or people who
are not religious.  I found it really
fascinating.  And Plotz is a great writer
who is very funny.


First Place:

Justice by Michael Sandel

is a Harvard professor who teaches the most popular undergraduate course in the
school (class is on ethics, society, and philosophy).  The book essentially summarizes his class
material.  It is awesome and
thought-provoking.  This book is
absolutely fantastic and will keep you thinking and debating with your friends.
 This book is especially great if you haven’t
read all the major philosophers (this was my first introduction to many of the
well-known philosophers).  


I just started Superfreakonomics and it is really good.


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