Great WSJ article on Settlers of Catan

A reporter from the Wall Street Journal read a blog I wrote last month on how Settlers of Catan is the new golf and she wrote a story on it:

An Old-School Board Game Goes Viral Among Silicon Valley’s Techie Crowd

and here is a great video that the Wall Street Journal put together:

3 thoughts on “Great WSJ article on Settlers of Catan

  1. Bill

    It’s the social aspect of Catan that makes it the great game it is, and thus more appealing to the crowd. BTW, great blog and great article!

  2. Jack Jaeger

    So true about Settlers. A bit of advice when you want to grow out of Settlers: Don’t start adopting a bunch of Settler sequels next. Move on to the following games: Puerto Rico, Agricola, and Dominion.
    Check these all on


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