Best writings in the past few years

Lanny Davis recently asked me to put together my most popular writings over the last few years to share.  Here they are:

When Good Isn’t Good Enough
A company should focus on only hiring Great people.

Why Hiring is Paradoxically Harder in a Downturn
Noise goes up but the quality stays the same.

Engineers are the Best Deal – So Stock Up on Them
Discussion on how engineering productivity gains far outstrips their pay increases.

Recessions Promote Breakthrough Innovations
Economic downturns are good for innovators and bad for pretty much everyone else.

When and Why We Pendulum
Humans tend to over-correct from past mistakes.

It Takes Tech to Elect a President
A history of how politicians have used technology is successful campaigns.

Think for Yourself but you Act Like Your Friends (on homophily)
Our friends influence us more than we think.

Bird of a Feather Shop Together
A discourse on how our friends influence what we buy.

Common Traits of A-Players
Some musings on what A-Players have in common.

Insider’s Guide to Tech-Job Hunting
Eight tips to finding a job in a recession.

A Call for Transportation Innovation
Innovation in transportation since 1969 has fallen short of our dreams.

Sweat the Small Stuff
Sometimes the little things are most important in business.

Seeking Great Candidates Online
Tips on how to find and hire great people.

Social Media Gender Gap
Women are far outnumbering men in use and adoption of social media.

Going by the Board
Advice on putting together an advisory board.

A Second(ary) Chance for Venture Capital
Troubled VCs need to rethink how they invest in start-ups.

Everything You Learn in College is Wrong

Do Successful Politicians Have more Daughters
Male politicians with more daughters seem to be more successful

Who Cheats More: Democrats or Republicans?
Trying to answers the eternal question.

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