e-commerce should really stand for “email commerce”

Email commerce is hot.  really hot.  Gilt Group and companies like One Kings Lane are really moving products like crazy.  GroupOn moves a massive amount of sales.  MoveOn raises an insane amount of money.

and they all do this by using 1990s technology: email.

The death of email has been predicted many times, but in 2010, email is king, emperor, and grand poobah. Email drives dollars better than anything (including Google ads, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  Email drives revenue and every company looking to get revenue should be focusing on getting great emails to their customers.

E-commerce now stands for "email commerce."

6 thoughts on “e-commerce should really stand for “email commerce”

  1. Scott - AdRocket

    True, email drives higher conversion rates (6-12%) and ROI than any other marketing. Anyone who can get a good list and rights to send to it can rake it in.

  2. stock photos

    I agree email is a powerful tool to turn the recipients of it into paying customers when done correctly and delivered to the customer’s inbox. However, I would love to see more hard data to back that up. Outside of the anecdotal data from these three companies and your own experience, (which you didn’t really mention) what else have you found to be true? What are some of the most effective ways to use email? Is it the message or product being offered in the email? Is it the time of day or month it is delivered? Is it the layout of the email i.e. does it use images, text, “call to action” buttons etc? Tough to say anything conclusively when you only look at a few companies and don’t explain more about what they are doing in particular so we can understand better why email works.
    I would love to hear others opinions too. It would be good to see how email converts when compared to direct mailings, direct sales calls and advertising online (like you mentioned above briefly).


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