Interesting Facebook age Facts

Here are some interesting facts of Facebook users in the United States:

# of people aged 13-17:     

# of people aged 33-77:

(very small difference)

# people aged 18-22:

# people aged 28-32:

(Facebook is still dominated by college-aged co-eds)

3 thoughts on “Interesting Facebook age Facts

  1. Corey

    You should have slept on this post before publishing. You might have avoided making yourself look bitter and negative about the entire 18-22 demographic You might have done a little more research and noticed they’ve actually got over double the US Internet average of 11-17 users, making them much more popular with teens than “co-eds” in the US relative to overall activity/demographic breakdowns. Then again, you probably knew that and it didn’t fit your agenda…

  2. Kevin

    Here in Australia we don’t understand the term “college-aged co-eds” (I doubt they would in the UK either). Does it mean “school kids”?
    A couple more comments;
    I bet a big chunk of the 13-17 bracket are kids under 13 who lie about their age. In fact they could be represented in all age groups. My kids are 10 & 11 and they routinely make up birthdates to register on all sorts of web sites (I do keep an eye on what they’re up to!).
    What happened to 23-27 year olds?
    I can’t help wondering how many people in the 33-77 bracket registered to see what all the fuss was about and never used Facebook again.
    Here in Australia Facebook is emerging as a major source of cyber bullying. Is this nasty side of Facebook also a feature in the US?
    One Facebok phenomenon I find amazing is how many people use the real name. At the very least you would think school kids would use their nicknames. Although I guess if they did they might end up with only 5 “freinds” instead of 500 😉

  3. Ulrikke

    I would like to know where you find this information? Where are your sources and references? I’m doing a paper on Facebook, but cannot find such (valid) facts and statistics anywhere.. Please help! 🙂


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