Every business school should teach a class called “Built to Fail”

Failure is a badge of honor.  People need to learn how to fail.  If one never fails, one is setting their sights way too low.  

Aim high.  If you are succeeding more than 30% of the time, than aim even higher.

3 thoughts on “Every business school should teach a class called “Built to Fail”

  1. Coffee Kid

    Just like the Rocky quote something about its not how hard you punch but how many punches you can take. Its like playing with klubber lang. Failure isn’t bad it just hurts a little and it makes it hard to get a good date with a couple of black eyes. The biggest failure is thinking you’ve been saved by the bell instead of getting back up and staying in the ring.

  2. Dinesh

    I wish this lesson was applied at the high school level as well. Unfortunately too many parents view straight A’s as perfection rather than as a reflection of not being challenged or improving. If you’re that good, you should be taking a college course or grad course to keep pushing the envelope.


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