The number one reason people fail as entrepreneurs is that they never even try

The number one reason people fail as entrepreneurs is that they never even try

Try. The great Wayne Gretzky said that "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."   Take the shot.  (Yes Holden, reach for the golden ring.)

My advice to entrepreneurs: spend less time evaluating the market and more time doing.  Just do. 

Ready, Fire, Aim … and then repeat. 

3 thoughts on “The number one reason people fail as entrepreneurs is that they never even try

  1. Michael Zoran

    When you have limited financial resources to work with, you always need to aim before shooting. You can’t afford to miss an opportunity to achieve success with the limited resources you have.
    I agree that you need to take the shot, though. At least with your method, as long as you continue the process, you will notice better results over time due to the fact that shots will be preceded by aims from the second round onward. The important thing is that you do in fact take that initial shot.
    I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a minor in Process Management. I earned this online because I was diagnosed with epilepsy and I cannot drive. I also have quite a few certifications in areas such as Human Resources, Time Management, and Microsoft Office.
    But it is very frustrating that none of these credentials have helped me find a job, since I cannot drive and I live in a small town with no public transportation. In fact, nothing is within walking distance of where I live. As a result, I’ve tried looking for work online but I have not been successful. I’ve been looking for four years so I basically have no more hope.
    I tried “taking the shot” by developing a website called Resume Design Service at I write resumes and cover letters for people. But there are virtually no customers out there willing to pay for this service. I’ve even worked with large online advertisers like Google and Yahoo.
    My blog on TypePad is and I created it to “take the shot” at gaining a loyal base of followers online and placing advertisements online. This was not successful, though. I have Amazon ads placed on my website, but I have not earned a single penny from the ads. I have sent thousands of people to the Amazon website, though. But nobody formed a new Amazon account followed by a purchase.
    I’m ready to give up. I have incredibly limited financial resources because of my disability with epilepsy. Any advice you have would be very useful. Thank you for your time and help.
    Michael Zoran

  2. Amethyst

    This is absolutely right. I’m an entrepreneur. If I hadn’t started a gazillion different things and failed at 90% of them, I wouldn’t be successful today.
    I’ve reached a cool point, where I’m never thinking about “a job”. I just wake up in the morning and do what I love. It’s very difficult to explain to people who aren’t entrepreneurs, but man is it wonderful.
    Analysis paralysis kills. You’ll know pretty quick if your idea isn’t working.

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    This is absolutely true. They don’t try to reach their target market as soon as possible. Being active with your clients are a great sign that you are working the right way.


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