CRM Retargeting

The next big wave in display media is going to be CRM Retargeting: taking lists of offline customers (like a car manufacturer's list of people's whose lease will expire in the next six months) and serving targeted display advertising to those people.

3 thoughts on “CRM Retargeting

  1. IC

    Crazy car guys haven’t done CRM retargeting before. Instead leaving dealers to target oil change. $30K vs $30.

  2. Robert Wace

    The next big thing about CRM is sprinkling it with Social Media. CRM is a methodology centered on the management of customers, employees and other stakeholders in order to build a meaningful relationship for sustainable business opportunities. An effective and brilliant CRM tool can also be adopted according to your needs and specifications for easy crm management.

  3. Custom Facebook Apps

    By messaging users who have not just visited your brand recently, but through other channels as well, your brand keeps a consistent messaging strategy across all consumer touch-points.


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