Facebook discussion on taxes (high emotion)

There is an interesting discussion about taxes (yes, they have a lot of emotion) on my Facebook page which includes luminaries like Tim Draper, Eli Pariser, Russ Fradin, Peter Pham, Marc Cenedella, Michael Baum, Paul Santinelli, Scott Banister, George Garrick, Alex Slusky, Scott Lynn, and others.

check out:

9 thoughts on “Facebook discussion on taxes (high emotion)

  1. Orlando@fedexoffice

    It’s an interesting discussion and one that will never end. I don’t know who in the world doesn’t think about taxes on a regular basis. Maybe kids don’t as they don’t have to pay income taxes, property taxes and all sorts of other taxes.
    However they do have to think about them every now and again if they live in a country that charges tax on consumer items. Once that is the situation in their nation, kids learn about taxes the first time they have to spend money on an item they need in a store. They feel it in their pocket the first time they buy something they want with money they earned themselves.


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