Abe Lincoln will have 1 million children by 2033

Prediction: Twenty years from now, by 2033, Abraham Lincoln will
have over one million children. 

Colorful kidsStarting in 2023, scientists will have mastered creating and
manufacturing sperm from DNA.  This will be
a godsend for men unable to have kids and for female same-sex couples who want
children genetically related to both parents. 

Some B-list stars will start successfully selling their DNA
and this will quickly start a black market for stolen DNA from movie and sports
stars.  Stealing DNA will become a
capital crime but that will not stop paparazzi thieves from following around famous
people grabbing stray hairs, skin, etc. to determine DNA.  This will lead to celebrities always
travelling with bags of remnant hairs gathered from barbershops to throw off
the scent of those trying to steal their DNA. 
In fact, there will be four different DNA sequences on the market all
claiming to be those of Justin Bieber. 

Lincoln_childBecause of the confusion around whether a purported DNA
strand actually belonged to the claimed person, few people will trust the
designer DNA on the market.  But a
government FOIA request will make public the DNA of all former Presidents of
the U.S. that are no longer alive. 
Millions of mothers all around the world will pay top-dollar for the sperm
derived from the DNA of Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Reagan, Teddy
Roosevelt, Kennedy, and (oddly) Fillmore.

Former President Lincoln, who had only one child who lived
past 18, will quickly become the most popular designer “father” in the world.
Over one million genetically related offspring will be born between 2023 and
2033 which will make him the most important contributor to the world’s gene
pool since Genghis Khan.  

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