How to be Absolutely Awesome (video)

How to be Absolutely Awesome. How to optimize for growth. How to manage your career path. And how to to have a long term career plan.

1 thought on “How to be Absolutely Awesome (video)

  1. Philip Derbeko

    I have really enjoyed your lecture, wish i could hear it when I was in college 🙁
    I have a question about your claim that computers are overtaking humans in system thinking. I have read your post about this and do not completely agree with you on that point.
    System thinking is very much about interactions in a big systems and looking at a big picture. For this reason chess does not seem like an example for system thinking. The algorithm of those programs does not really have “big picture”. System thinking can be applied to products or to products and organizations. I think that computers are bad at both of those tasks.
    There is not enough data for computers to deal with the second one (products and orgs). In general, once people are involved in a problem the computers will perform bad in those system thinking problems.
    The computers are also not good in the product-only problems.
    It seems that data science and big-data analysis might provide some insights about interactions within the system, system reactions, causality and why a system has certain behaviors. However, any data mining, science, bigdata analytics currently require human operator and it does not seem to change in observable future.
    Agree or not, I really enjoy your blogs


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