I’m back in 2019


I’m back. After a five-year hiatus, I’m started to blog again in 2019.

So I know blogging is so 1999.  Well, summation.net is going back to the past.   Going to start regularly blogging again about everything.

Send me topics, ideas, etc. because I am going to try to blog once a day.  Yes, going to try to blog daily.   And yes, I can’t guarantee that I will keep it up.

Commitment is to be as non-obvious as possible and I will try not to get myself into trouble.   Enjoy the new Summation!

1 thought on “I’m back in 2019

  1. ervinlang

    I’d love to hear about how would you approach running and scaling a niche tech professional services company. Or anything that you learned during the years that could help with that.


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