Books: Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip

Books: Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip by Jim Rogers

this … was … one of those books … that … really gives you a broad perspective. Jim Rogers (and his wife Paige) drives through 116 countries over three years and gives us his observations, insights, and accounts of each of these places.

one day my friend Patrick McKenna (Vice President of LiveOps — one of the hottest young companies in Palo Alto) suggested I read this book. Patrick had read Investment Biker, the book Rogers had written 10 years prior when he did a similar trip with his motorcycle.

i could not put this book down …

Rogers was a very successful global macro hedge fund investor (he worked with george soros for a while). he retired about 20 years ago and was a commentator on CNBC while investing for his personal account.

he has very insightful observations about the world … this book will surely teach one geography, Rogers’ investment theories, and a better understanding of world cultures. i personally found it incredibly interesting.

Summation: my high recommendation is to read this book.

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