Being Single in Big Cities

things are getting worse for single women. this is an interesting blurb put out by the Economist:

Bowling alone

New York has more single people than any other state, with most of them living in the city, according to a report released in October by the US Census Bureau. The city’s five boroughs boast some 2.4m people who have never walked down the aisle. And the New York metropolitan area ranks fifth in the country for its number of young singles with degrees. San Francisco has lured the most young college graduates.

The report, Marital Status: 2000, also finds that half of the state’s adult population is either widowed, divorced or has never been married. But there are only 79 single men for every 100 unmarried women. For better odds, bachelorettes should look to Paradise, a Las Vegas suburb, where unmarried men outnumber unmarried women 118 to 100.

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