How are social networks sites doing?

Alexa gives us a quick barometer of the where the social networks sites are in the relation to the rest of the web.

As of December 10, 2003, we see:

Consumer-Oriented Social Networks:

Craigslist – 114 (ranking of overall trafficked site on the Internet)

Emode/Tickle — 149

Friendster — 157

HotOrNot — 381

Tribe — 7,216

Business-Oriented Social Networks:

Plaxo — 3,087

Spoke — 25,190

GoodContacts — 45,810

ZeroDegrees — 92,122

LinkedIn — 146,747

Overall — this is a really impressive showing …. by contrast, Summation is over 1,000,000 — so we are not even on the map:(

I’m very surprised Spoke has more traffic than GoodContacts — which has been around for a very long time.

5 thoughts on “How are social networks sites doing?

  1. Rikk Carey

    Note that the plaxo stats do not reflect most of our real web traffic since it takes place over SSL. More importantly, most of our social networking traffic occurs via our client-server software which is not tracked either. This is probably true for Good Contacts and others as well.

  2. Tom Birch

    Please note that we turned off server assisted mailing as the default mailing option in November, therefore, the majority of GoodContacts Enterprise customer mailings do not flow through our server. i.e. the GoodContacts traffic stats are not a good a comparative barometer of our social networking business.

  3. Konstantin Guericke

    LinkedIn uses SSL for all user sessions, so the number above only reflects people looking at our home page and are trying to decide whether or not to join (probably just 2% of our usage).
    I think a better yardstick are the number of registered users (not uploaded email addresses, but people who signed up). The best yardstick is probably the number of successful referrals (contact requests) made since that is what networking is all about.
    BTW, Alexa shows that Spoke’s related entries are for mountain biking, so there might be soemthing else going on 🙂

  4. Robert

    Interesting, I wondered what they look like now:
    Traffic Rank for 26
    Traffic Rank for 7
    Traffic Rank for 12,106…


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