What do Bill Richardson and Jane Harman have in common?

Richardson and Harman are my two early picks for potential VP running mates to whoever wins the Democratic presidential nomination.

Richardson is currently the governor of New Mexico – a significant swing state. He’s also Latino and speaks fluent Spanish. Before being governor, Richardson served in the Clinton administration as Secretary of Energy and also as the permanent representative to the United Nations. Before that he was a member of Congress. Richardson helps any Democrat win New Mexico while strengthening them among the Latino community.

Harman is a congresswoman serving the Santa Monica region in California. She is the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee so she has a strong resume in fighting terrorism. Harman helps secure California and secure the women’s vote for a potential Democrat.

Both Richardson and Harman have not yet been talked about as a potential vice president but I expect we will start hearing both their names more often over the next few months.

4 thoughts on “What do Bill Richardson and Jane Harman have in common?

  1. Tim

    George Will listed Bill Richardson as his VP pick last week in the Washington Post.

  2. Auren Hoffman

    George Will is much smarter than me. i tried to find the article on the web but came up empty. if anyone finds the article, pls forward.

  3. Peter Harter

    Harman is kick ass! Candid, sharp, pro-business. Don’t know Richardson though there are some stories circulating re skeletons in his closet.

  4. Dick Morris

    Jane Harman would be a great running mate for Kerry. One reason come to mind immediately – her voting record She is adept as he is on “flip-flopping” on the issues. Take the Iraq Supplemental; she said she supported the troops, strengthening democracy, protecting America, fighting terrorism – then she voted against funding all these things through the supp? What’s up with that? Sounds pretty Bill Clintonesque to me – remember what a “waffler” he was on all issues regarding national security?


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