Rating my publications

Last night my mailbox was stuffed with publications. I get lots of magazines, journals, etc. I am constantly getting input from people on what they read and like (usually it is other terrific blogs) and am getting asked what I read.

My blog list is a great source of news and ideas — but I still live on paper.

The following are a list of publications that I subscribe to (meaning they arrive periodically in paper form via snail mail) and I have ranked ordered them from most-important (the Wall Street Journal) to least-important (note: even the least important ones still have value to me — otherwise I would not subscribe to them at all):

Wall Street Journal
Atlantic Monthly
The Week
Business 2.0
Fast Company
Foreign Affairs
US News and World Report
Foreign Policy
Weekly Standard
The New Yorker

Note that I pay for every one of these publications except for CIO and Foreign Policy (I get those for free).

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