Treo / Sprint PCS email down – complaint

My Treo email has been down for almost a week now.

This is really disappointing.

On April 14, my Sprint PCS Business Connection email went down. I spent a long time trying to fix it before finally calling Sprint PCS. And guess what? It was down on their end — and it is down for everyone apparently.

So my question is — why didn’t they notify me?

I understand things go down — but they could have notified me. They know I am a registered Business Connection user. They know I use the service constantly. They know my cell phone number (they could text message me). They know my email address (they could easily notify me via email).

Another example of really poor customer service.

So I asked them when the service will be back up. Tomorrow they say. Of course, it is now a week later and the service is still down. Did they notify me of that? Of course not. Bad Sprint PCS customer care.

You’d think that with number portability, firms like Sprint PCS would have a greater focus on customer care — especially when things like notifications are so easy to do.

You’d think … wouldn’t you? The Sprint PCS web site does not even have a way of registering my complaint.

Why can’t every company be like JetBlue?

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