The Blessed Class – is it immoral to be unhappy?

We are the blessed class.

Blessed because we are educated. Blessed because we don’t have to worry about our safety. Blessed because some of us actually want to pay higher taxes. We give to charity. We have disposable income.

We spend lots of free time perusing the Internet. We read blogs. We love Friendster. We forward web sites of dancing chickens to friends. We have time (even though we think we don’t).

Sometimes I don’t understand why so many blessed people are so stressed.
Why are the blessed stressed?
Why does Prozac rule?

Frankly, I am well aware how blessed I am. I can’t really muster up any reason why I should be sad, unhappy, or generally stressed.

actually, the biggest stress in my life is slaving over a witty response to write on Evite replies.
I’m getting better on Evites … I’m still not an Evite bard yet … not by any means. But some people are so witty on Evite — I get so jealous — it stresses me out …. should I pop a Prozac?

Unhappiness is, of course, a state of mind. But do we in the blessed class actually have a “right” to be unhappy? I guess we do. I imagine the Supreme Court would deem it unconstitutional to legislate that one cannot be unhappy. So you certainly have a “right” to be unhappy. Of course, you also have the right to commit an adulterous affair, lie to your parents, and be a jerk to your neighbor.

So a better question for the blessed class might be … not do you have the “right” to be unhappy … but are you morally obligated to be happy?


Is it immoral and selfish to be unhappy if one is part of the Blessed Class?


My guess: people in the blessed class are just as unhappy as people who have to scratch for every bit food … who have to fight just to have a roof on their head … who have no proper healthcare … who have gotten beaten or raped by crack-addicted neighbors …

Imagine an unblessed person. Imagine what they think when they see someone who is blessed, who has everything … yet is still unhappy. They’ll think you are crazy … insane … because you have it all …

If you are blessed (and you are probably blessed if you are reading this blog), you should be happy. Almost always. Bad days should be extraordinarily rare. Great days should be the norm.

It is good manners to be happy. Just like knowing how to use a fork properly and knowing not to curse widely in public … yeah … it’s good manners to be happy … and it is bad manners to complain about … about nothing of consequence …

Don’t take things so seriously …

Really …

Be happy.

And work on your Evite replies

4 thoughts on “The Blessed Class – is it immoral to be unhappy?

  1. lori conway

    I enjoyed what I have read, just joined spoke and trying to figure this out. Do you have a company that has openings in Texas? Have a blessed day!

  2. It's, like, Ben's Blog

    Is It Immoral to be Unhappy?

    This morning I saw this provocative post by Auren Hoffman which asked, “Is it immoral to be unhappy?” He refers to the extremely lucky in the world (ie people who have the capacity to read blogs) as the “blessed class.”

  3. Bernadette

    It’s true what you said about material possessions. Money will never buy you happiness. I am happy and very satisfied with my life, but I earn it through a harsh process. I once got tired with life and was jaded. I was only 15 years old and dropped into deep depression. I never told anyone. I was embarrassed that I failed. Failed to overcome everything God had placed in front of me to challenge. Failed to challenge my own culture and my own parents. I was afraid of all my failures and mistakes I’ve done and in my culture (Malaysian), there wasn’t a route where I can voice my inner feelings. So I am forced to have this mentality of being perfect for people and hide all my flaws. But I woke up one day and I realized I’m slowly dying inside because of all my ghosts. The lies and deceit. Why should I live my life for others when I myself can’t even live for ownself. So I went to college and decided to come to America. Yeah that’s the mentality I’m adopting now. Now I know I can follow through and not get intimidated and fall back into my shell. I am stronger and more powerful now.


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