Some quick thoughts and questions to ponder.

The avg person in America today is better off than the richest people were in 1900. true.

Regardless of whether you are pro-choice or pro-life — have you thought about where life begins? Does it begin at conception? The first trimester? At birth?

Why do stock markets have a closing bell? Why are they not 24/7?

If you are a white person who was born in Zimbabwe and now lives in Los Angeles, are you African-American?

How likely is it that a large asteroid will hit earth in the next 50 years? If the chance was great than 0.1%, would you be for spending hundreds of billions of dollars to build a space colony on the moon to hedge our bets?

Do people today know more than people than they did 40 years ago?

Can we learn from computer viruses when attacking real life viruses? Network Manifold Associates (NMA) (, small company in San Francisco, attacks computer viruses by first eliminating as many targets as possible. By shrinking the target for a virus, you can form better protection around other vital information. There are billions of possibilities — maybe we can shrink the number of permutations

Why is it called the “West Bank”? it is actually east of Israel. could it be because it is west of Jordan and because the Arab world has shrunk from their responsibility of helping the Palestinians?

great quote: “The worst thing you can do for those you love is the things they could and should do for themselves.” — Abraham Lincoln

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