Ukraine elections … the sequel

My recent blog on the Ukrainian elections has been getting a lot of hits lately — it is very timely.   Last year I was in Georgia, this year in Ukraine.   similar situations.   will the outcomes be similar?  too early to tell but I don’t think it will happen.

i’m worried.   one always worries when hundreds of thousands of people protest in the freezing cold.   in means they’re serious (as Kiev can get pretty chilly this time of year).   and the Yuschenko supporters are pitching tents and staying put.  for now.

we cannot afford to let Ukraine lapse into a civil war … and yet we cannot afford to have its citizenry feel so unempowered.   so we wait and hope the sides come to a resolution as the alternative, a civil war, is not unlikely.   

see: Questions linger about Yuschenko’s illness
see: Monitoring the Ukraine Presidential Election

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