Hunter Walk tries to drink all of Google

By day Hunter Walk manages AdSense for Google. Also by day, Hunter is attempting to drink every variety of drink in Google’s kitchen.

this is a pretty stupendous task.

Summation analysis:
Let’s say that Hunter has two drinks per day (as he might not always be motivated to try the latest watermelon cola). And let’s say Google carries 300 drinks right now and will add another 120 over the next six months (for those of you who have been to the Google kitchen, you know that this number is not an exaggeration). That means it will take Hunter 140 work days for him to drink all the drinks in Google’s kitchen. Given that he usually doesn’t go to the office on weekends or holidays,and given he’s probably already tried 50-60 of the drinks, that means that he’ll finish in on about September 30. I’m looking forward to hearing the result of Hunter’s quest then.

1 thought on “Hunter Walk tries to drink all of Google

  1. hunter

    You might need to revise the estimates based upon some of the submissions I’ve been getting.
    “”Doogh”. You haven’t lived till you’ve tried it. Ask any of the Persians
    in the Googleshpere and they’ll nod their assent.
    It is a yoghurt mixed with seltzer and fresh herbs infusion. Highly recommended for hot climes. Most healthful too.”
    I think that will bring me down to one drink a day.
    We might be able to make some of it up on the back end – don’t come to the office on weekends or holidays? I wish! 🙂


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