karmaONE beta launches…

Karmaonelogo173karmaONE just launched (see www.karmaone.org).

karmaONE allows employers to advertise a job with a referral fee to the Internet community. We hope to be able to help companies find great people that aren’t looking for a job through giving motivated Internet citizens a referral bonus.

very cool. i’d love to get your thoughts in the service, what you think, and what karmaONE can do better. register as a karmaONE user and try out the service…

there are some great jobs currently on karmaONE — here are some examples:

Founding VP Marketing @ Project Zaplink
Referral Reward: $3000
Menlo Park, CA

Vice President Operations @ AuctionDrop
Referral Reward: $500
Fremont, CA

Product Marketing Manager @ Adteractive
Referral Reward: $2500
San Francisco, CA

VP Product Management @ Thefacebook
Referral Reward: $2000
Palo Alto, CA

and many other super high-quality jobs…

4 thoughts on “karmaONE beta launches…

  1. David McClure

    that comment was supposed to go with the “Happiness is the Best Medicine”. so much for attention to detail while you’re laughing your ass off, i guess…

  2. pc4media

    Sell Side Advertising

    Hey John and Ross… Isn’t this sell side advertising? Gary Stein has a revalation:I suddenly realized that their affiliates do a ton of search marketing, and eBay is naturally funding this through the commisions they reward. So, while it may


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