What could you be doing if you never watched TV?

I tried this experiment two years ago when I unplugged the TV and stopped cable. And wow. I’ve read more then ever, got more work done, took on new pursuits, and exercised more.

(Of course, when I travel and have a working TV in my room, I’m absolutely captivated because I’m so TV-deprived … )

Try unplugging your TV for a month and see what happens…

3 thoughts on “What could you be doing if you never watched TV?

  1. Ben Casnocha

    Two years free of TV and never looked back…..
    I will say that sadly TV is a “joint” activity for many couples so a lot of busy people I know have to watch TV simply because it’s something s/he can do with his/her husband or wife.

  2. David Sachs

    I did the same thing went I went off to B-school: I figured that there was always some activity (pursuing business ideas, meeting classmates, etc.) that was a better use of time than TV. It’s also self-preservation, as I love TV so much that I knew I couldn’t be trusted with the amount of free time available thanks to the academic schedule. But now, when exposed to television, I can’t drag myself away.

  3. ralph lee

    TV is actually not the problem for me, but rather the internet. And shutting off the internet would be……problematic.


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