on cars, watches, and shoes

Superficial people are low value-add. They tend to be takers more then givers and seem to follow the latest trend more than an internal compass.

Three of the things that superficial people use to make judgments about other people:
cars, watches, and shoes

That’s right. They tend to look at the car you drive, the watch you wear, and shoes you walk in. This is especially true for men.

So if you drive a $100K red sports car, wear a $4000 watch and $700 shoes, you’ll likely be targeted by superficial people. If you are the exact same person, but drive a $20K car with a $20 watch and $100 shoes, you will likely not be targeted by superficial people.

So … what is it worth to you to not be on the superficial hit-list??

3 thoughts on “on cars, watches, and shoes

  1. Jan Dobbs

    this is so true — but also true of job titles. I am the same thoughtful, analytical, and sensitive person now (as a VP at a Media company) as I was when I was a waitress. Yet I’ve noticed a marked difference in the reaction I get now that I can say I’m a VP as opposed to a waitress when asked “What do you do?” It’s like I’m being summed up because of job title as opposed to because who I am.

  2. Jim Durbin

    So – I guess driving a $10,000 car and not wearing a watch protects me – but a good pair of shoes is worth the looks and stares.
    Of course – that just means Ecco to me.
    And if I wore $700 shoes, my wife would have to be able to buy them too.


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