Book: Crimes Against Logic

007144643501_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_Crimes Against Logic by Jamie Whyte

In a desperate attempt to find a book that Jonathan Abrams hasn’t read (he’s always critiquing me that i read outdated books like Trading Up), i downed this little book on my way back from Halifax last week.

the subtitle of the book is “Expose the bogus argument of politicians, priests, journalists, and other social offenders”. and amazon lists the book with “customers also bought” Freakonomics, Wisdom of Crowds, and Blink (all amazing books). so i was really excited about this book.

the problem was … though i agree with pretty much everything stated in the book … it is not that interesting. not too many items in there really gave me an “A-HA!” moment.

so Jonathan … i’ll need to keep trying to find that gem that you did not know about …

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