COW: Ning…

my brother Jonathan Hoffman is my source for all new cool things tech. when he was in college at Carnegie Mellon, he was the first person to tell me about Napster. throughout his stint programming at CMU, he gave me the scoop on all the new developments.

Logo_ning_largewhen he graduated college in 2002, i thought i might have to adopt a new brother in college because i was under the impression that Jonathan only knew about all the cool things because he was a student. boy was i wrong. i continue to get a steady stream of cool sites from him to this day.

One site he sent me last month is Ning. This is another site combining mash-ups, tagging, etc (like Frappr, Trulia, etc.) to do something useful. i love how people are taking some data and a few plug-ins from places like Google and building cool tools.

thanks Jonathan!

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