six years away …

thanks for all of you who emailed me yesterday about the party on Nov 11, 2011 at 11:11 am on the Golden Gate Bridge. only six years away.

trip down memory lane …
i sent out the original eVite (sent in 2001 — check out: at 3am after laughing so hard. i actually thought eVite had taken down the site but alas, no such luck. there were 2-3 other parody eVites that got formed from this one … including the 12/12/12 eVite.

Here is an article in the SJ Mercury

And here are the Top 6 Reasons I am planning the 2011 Party now:

6. Annoying 98 year old guy who shows up at all my parties will probably be dead.

5. I met this girl at a bar and she said ‘give me a call in 6 years.’ I said, ‘Great. I know just the party to take you.’

4. Planning on making this a regular get together — every hundred years.

3. I really wanted to put an event together for 2010, but I was just feeling too rushed.

2. Party in 1011 cancelled due to Bubonic Plague.

1. Need to get party out of the way and clean up before 3033 party.

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  1. Scott

    Ugh. I missed it. I thought the party was going to be in 2012…


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