Browster and Senopy

Browster_logoCompanies like Browster (see Browster jobs) and Senopy are changing the way we browse and navigate the web through the browser.

some people see the death of the browser as imminent but i think the browser will live for a long time … and these companies show how it is being extended.

Index_14when you navigate using Browster you can see a preview of what following a link will be like by simply putting your mouse over the link. at Senopy, a web site operator can do the same thing with linked advertising. (and thanks Saar Gur from Adteractive for pointing out the link between these two companies to me).

in fact, previewing web pages before actually viewing them (and utilizing more contextual information like help menus) is going to make the web browsing experience increasingly rich. and a lot of things are becoming increasingly easy to do with AJAX. (we’ve been testing a few of these things out at the karmaOne project and it is pretty cool).

2 thoughts on “Browster and Senopy

  1. Scott Milener

    thanks for the comments. yes, the browser if finally waking up after about 10 innovationless years due to MSFT’s monopoly. At Browster we’re simplifying the way we move through links because the browser has not kept up with user browsing behavior – searching, blogging, etc. The web has become a huge database and a set of applications, not just a link here and there, for which the browser was originally designed to handle.
    KarmaOne, btw, has already delivered numerous potential candidates to Browster. I think you’re on to something very big there.


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