Book: Charlie Wilson’s War

Charlie Wilson’s War by George Crile

Full_image_2this is a great book.   great book. a bunch of people told me about this book … even my friend Mark Goffman consulted on the screenplay for the movie that will star Tom Hanks.

i’m sure the movie will be great … but the book was fantastic.   it is a true story about a lone Congressman (Charlie Wilcon) from Texas and a lone CIA agent that conspired to find the Afghan resistance against the Soviets … and at the same time unwittingly funded the training of some of the most dangerous Islamic terrorists. 

Wilson is a quit a character … a hard drinking (possibly hard drug-using) patriot who knew how to work Washington like no other.

you’ve probably heard a lot about the book.   if you an audio-book fan you can download the 21-hour unabridged version from Audible … i highly recommend it.


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